What is an EAP?

Your EAP gives you, (the employee), and your dependent family members easy, free, and confidential access to professional counseling and referrals to community resources. The goal of the EAP is to assist you with any problem/issue that might affect your daily life at work or home.

What problems does the EAP cover?

RMEAP address’s a wide range of personal problems/issues. Often these will include:

Emotional/behavioral issues;
Financial legal issues;
Marital issues;
Family or work problems;
Alcohol and drug dependency problems.

EAP’s are short-term intervention therapy and are not designed to address long-term intensive interventions such as mental health and substance abuse problems . These problems/issues may require a referral to specialist(s).

Who do I call?

Call 1-866-260-9490. This service is 24 hours any day of the year. Professionals are available to assist you.

Where are EAP services available?

We have EAP therapists throughout the state of Idaho, the surrounding States of UT, NV, CO, WA, WY, OR, and MT. In addition, RMEAP has access to a national database. When you call our Hotline, 1-866-260-9490, we will refer you to a local therapist in your area and assist you in making an appointment.

What does it cost?

The EAP sessions are free of charge, however; any care above and beyond the EAP is subject to the limits of your health insurance package.

Who would I see?

All therapists have professional degrees (at a minimum five years post-masters), state license, and are fully insured. A referral would be made to local therapists (in network) in your area who would best meet your individual needs.

How long is a counseling session?

Counseling sessions last approximately forty to fifty-five minutes. (The first session lasts approximately seventy-five to ninety minutes, to cover documentation, a treatment plan and possibly homework). This allows your therapist to then enter notes into your record.

Do I need to go through my company or anyone else to access EAP services?

No. Simply begin by calling our toll free number: 1-866-260-9490. Everything is strictly confidential. Your employer/family will have no knowledge of your using the EAP.

What if I don’t like the counselor?

If you are dissatisfied, for whatever reason, with your assigned therapist, you may call and ask for a new referral/therapist. Your visit will be credited to you, and a new therapist will be found that best meets your needs. From a QA perspective, we are very interested in your feedback, therefore your assistance would be very beneficial.

Can I see a counselor outside of the provider network?

RMEAP has a carefully selected a network of EAP professionals. They have been chosen for their professionalism as well as their experience in dealing with the demands of work and life. Each counselor has gone through a rigorous application process and has agreed to a contract with RMEAP.

If you have a counselor you insist on seeing who is not in our network, you may see that counselor on an add-hoc basis, providing that they agree to the terms of the contract or you can see them at your own expense or according to the provisions of your group medical plan.

Can my dependent(s) use the EAP services?

Your spouse and dependent children are eligible for the EAP. If a child is under 18 years of age, a parent must call to schedule an appointment. Otherwise, when your dependent(s) is over 18 years of age, he/she must make the call to schedule services.

What if I’m divorced and my children only live with me part time?

Your children do not have to be enrolled in your health plan (but are eligible to be enrolled) to receive help through the EAP. If an eligible child is living in your home and affecting your quality of life with an issue or problem, then they are eligible for counseling with you.

What if my child is away at University?

We have access to a national database of counselors who can assist your child cope with the problem/issue that he/she is experiencing. Simply call our Hotline: 1-860-260-9490. Children in full-time schooling are eligible up to age 23, if supported by you as a parent.

Who will know that I’ve used the EAP? Can I find out if my dependents are using the EAP?

No one. RMEAP adheres to all the federal and state laws regarding confidentiality and privacy in mental health and substance abuse treatment (HIPAA). No information will be released to anyone without a signed Release of Information. If a minor (under 18 years of age) is being seen with consent, the parents are legally authorized access to their records.

What if I am in crisis?

Let us know that you are in crisis and that you need to speak with a counselor immediately. Your call will be handled by a master’s level clinician with crisis intervention training.
Counselors are available to speak with you on a 24-Hour basis, seven days a week.

Can I arrange for a counseling appointment in the evening?

Most providers are open during regular business hours, similar to other care professionals. Some providers offer evening and Saturday hours.

Who do I call if I have a complaint?

If you have a complaint about RMEAP services, call the Hotline (1-866-260-9490) and let us know the specifics about your issue(s)/concerns. All complaints are handled in the strictest of confidence and professional manner. Your employers Human Resource department is also available to listen to your concerns and to help you address the issue(s)/concerns in the most appropriate manner.